Black Women, White Women, And The Ones In Between

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8 Responses

  1. I will totally celebrate the day when we can see each other as humans, not categories, realizing that there is a spectrum of beliefs, colors, genders and so many other characteristics and qualities that make us who we are. This is a great post, glad I found it.

    • Hiba Boutari says:

      Thank you Christine! We can do our best by highlighting the ridiculousness of it all, and trying to work against those who do not want us to look beyond race.

  2. Thank you for touching on a topic that needs to be addressed for so many reasons, one for my own daughter, who is mixed white and Latino to one day feel empowered as a woman to do anything she dreams of and more. That is where change happens- in our children from the next generation because of their open mindedness and from women in history like Susan B Anthony who fought for woman’s rights and equality.

    • Hiba Boutari says:

      Rachel, I love your take on women empowerment and that is what I try to convey in my communication with others. Hopefully, your daughter will grow up in a world that embraces her diversity as opposed to look down on her for it.

  3. Julie says:

    Very well written post. I fall in the middle category as well. It’s very true what you said about us fighting harder to have our voices heard. Frankly, I’m getting tired of this whole race issue, I’m not denying it exist but we’re always crying for a more progressive society but yet, the race card is pulled anytime there’s a chance to bring it up. I had a personal incidence where this was done to me. This person’s race has nothing to do with what I said, it’s more about her personal work ethic. I don’t care what shade of skin color you have, respect is respect. You have to earn it.

    • Hiba Boutari says:

      Julie, you are absolutely right. With all the noise and “boy who cried wolf” with the race issue in every single facet of our lives, we need to have a frank discussion about it and try to look past race and start seeing ourselves for who we are on the inside. Your co-worker is just one of many, but by really listening to her concerns, she may find an ally in you.

  4. I wonder if simply celebrating each other as women would bring forth the desire wanted.

    • Hiba Boutari says:

      I do too, but with all the issues you see in this world pertaining to race, and how others still feel about it, it’s obvious that we need to raise awareness as much as we can